"Passion pays in many ways and you shall know them by their passion fruits."*

We are not perfect but we're constantly striving to be better. Below is a non-exhaustive list of principles that we aspire to live and work by. We hope they inspire you too.

1. Live up to your name
We indulge our passion for design and technology and work on projects we are excited about. This means we get to be ourselves and live up to our name, Asilia, Swahili for genuine and honest.

2. Think big, act small
We take a holistic view when approaching any project but never compromise paying attention to detail. That's where the magic is.

3. Be considerate
Even if others treat us poorly, it is still best (and in our interest) to treat them well. Even if climate change turns out to be a hoax, it is still best (and in our interest) to care for the environment. And we hope to work with like-minded clients, collaborators, suppliers and team-members.

4. Make it an adventure
Design and technology can be daunting and projects can be stressful. We aim to translate complexity into simple, interesting and empowering experiences. 

5. Seek that tingly feeling
We do what we do because we love doing it. We tend to feel the same about the projects we undertake and the clients we work with. 

6. Carry on the cycle of abundance
What we know, we'll inform; what we're good at, we'll train; what we have in abundance, we'll give. It was done to us, so we'll do unto others.

*So says our client, jazz musician, Sirena Riley.