Design Week  - An Interview with Lulu Kitololo
Lulu, Design Week Interview

It seems June can only get better for the team over here at Asilia. This week our Creative Director and Co-Founder Lulu has been featured in leading industry magazine ‘Design Week’ as an ‘Industry Voice.’

Columnist Jon Daniel chats to Lulu about her background; nurturing her young roots in Kenya, fine-tuning her creative hand at the Pratt Institute in New York, and eventually landing in the UK to pursue a Masters in African Studies at SOAS before setting up Asilia. This is the fifth installment of Jon Daniel’s brilliant ‘Four Corners’ column - a regular feature ‘highlighting the historical and contemporary creative contribution of designers from the African diaspora. Each month Four Corners focuses on four key regions - America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe, with a view to expanding both culturally and geographically over time.’

‘You’re african, why do you need to study Africa?’ was a question often asked of Lulu - and it seems she now has the answer. Drawing from her global background, Lulu discusses how her work is driven by the diversity of her upbringing and experiences to create what Daniel calls designs with “distinctly African roots whilst bringing a fresh modern approach and aesthetic.” 

Read about how Lulu got started in design, her great inspirations and influences, and her lovingly nurtured side project ‘Afri-Love.’ Lulu is ‘living her dream job right now,’ and it’s easy to see why. In just two years, Asilia has grown to a 9 strong team of extremely talented designers and developers. As Asilia approaches it’s third birthday, Lulu discusses exciting plans for Asilia’s future including plans to develop some design and digital products in the coming months, and the very exciting launch of the Asilia shop this summer.


Four Corners - An Interview with Lulu Kitololo ... - Design Week

About the Interviewer:

Jon Daniel is a London-based Independent Creative Director, Designer and Curator. For more information visit his website at | or his blog at


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