Hello again
Hello again

Who says cobbler's children don't wear shoes?

We've been meaning to revamp the Asilia website for over 2 years now, but with all the other sites we were creating, it took a backseat. A few weeks ago, we decided to bite the bullet and set ourselves a very public deadline for launch. It's been a long journey to today, but thanks to this public accountability and all hands on deck from our dedicated team, we made it (phew)!

Here's what you can explore on our new site:

  • WORK: We're proud of our work. Browse selected examples in our portfolio; find out more about the services we offer and; find out who we've worked with and what they say about us.
  • RESOURCES: Useful stuff to do with business and life including e-books, apps and more.
  • ECOSYSTEM: We couldn't do what we do without our wonderful network of partners, collaborators, suppliers and friends. Check out the causes, destinations, services, workspaces, technology, media, as well as the lifestyle and education providers that we highly recommend.
  • BLOG: Inspirational finds, our views and tips for all things design and digital.
  • ABOUT: Our mission and what makes us Asilia (Swahili translations); the credo that underpins our activities and; team profiles. 
  • CONTACT: We're based in London and Nairobi, but you can reach us from wherever you are via the contact details that suit you best. Interested in working with us? Use our project planner to tell us about what you'd like to achieve. Have a look at our FAQ or get in touch if you have any questions. 

As much as things change, they stay the same

Asilia has experienced some exciting growth and development over the last couple of years  – notably transitioning from remote working to brick and mortar offices in London and Nairobi and welcoming 7 new people to our team – our mission and our values remain as they've always been. We want to enable as many people as possible to do what they love, by creating the tools they need to succeed. 

No holding back

This week's launch is just Phase I. We'll be developing the website over the coming weeks so that it accomplishes everything in our imaginations. 

You can specifically look out for:

  • A responsive design;
  • More resources;
  • More examples of our work;
  • More blog posts (including access to previous writings from our old site).

We're enjoying how this public declaration of intent thing works. Look out for another announcement later this month to discover what else we're creating.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

With consideration and love.

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