An Interview with Asilia Web + App Developer Evans Musomi
An Interview with Asilia Web + App Developer Evans Musomi

Tell us about stopping traffic

Hmm... the moment when the red light calls the shots or when the people in blue exercise the powers bestowed on them. However I've noticed the two don't always get the job done in some cities or at some times :-) The techie voices in my head are murmuring something about a person who disconnected their computer power plug on realizing that they just sent an email to the wrong recipient; they were trying to stop (their email) traffic.


Favourite thing about each city you've lived in

Woop! Woop! For a moment I felt like I've lived in many cities + towns. Here goes. Mombasa – I was born there. Nairobi – irreplaceable people, places and experiences (studies, work, dance, love). Embu – relaxed pace compared to Nairobi + my parents live there. Oslo – wonderful pace for a capital and lovely dance scene. Berlin is so cosmopolitan and visitor-friendly. Paris has so many attractions to visit.


Secretly, I've always wanted to...

Travel around the globe as a dance ambassador going from one festival to another. 6 continents (maybe 7). There are about 3200 cities in the world, 195 of which are capitals. 300 - 400 dance festivals happen around the world annually. Hint, hint :-). Ideally, I'd tour many cities, meet all my dance superstars and other celebrities along the way and still get time to post pictures, blog about my voyage and code ;-). You could baptize the blog "Dance Voyage Diary (DVD)" or something cooler. Some years back while still in campus, I wished to travel to about 20 - 30 cities around the world. Charted out the itinerary and even drafted a budget. Now that I said it out loud, you must be thinking is this guy for real? Oops, it's no longer a secret now (I guess :D).

Evans Musomi loves Bachata

What's your favourite app?

You got me. How is it even possible to have one favourite? Unless Google and all it's apps were one app, or whole Operating Systems were an app or I had made this super-cool app that everyone with a computing device in the world uses (ambitious developer). Maybe it's just me. Looking at my phone though, I love Evernote and Toshl Finance. I find both apps useful and they have beautiful UIs. Toshl has humorous monsters that amuse me. My ultra-favourite app is under development in my lab ;-)


If you could only do one kind of dance for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Please forgive me other dances (it's not you, it's me). If I could only do one dance for the rest of my life it would be Bachata. Bachata makes me happiest – the music, the body movement, the fun, the connection. My ability to express myself and have fun in dance is greatest in Bachata. Maybe it's just me who likes Bachata or Bachata likes me but we seem to have an understanding :-)


If you didn't code and you didn't dance, how would you spend your time?

That's a difficult one. Is this a trick question? Top contenders: design (graphic/digital), music (playing instrument + learning + teaching + performing). I love watching anime so I'd definitely do lots more of that. And last but not least, maybe I'd be an experimental chef. There's a side of me that loves to cook 'new' things.

Experimental food anyone?

Give an example of taking one step forward and two steps back?

Ahaa... simple, the Cha Cha basic step involves taking one step forward and two steps back :-). Also, when a project starts without properly defined requirements and gets to implementation stage, the project often rolls back to the requirements definition and design stages if the prototype/implementation is not what the client intended. I think that's a step forward followed by 2 (big) steps back.


What gets you up in the morning?

I'd like to believe this one consists of a constant and a variable. The constant is my maker. The variable is seasonal but most times it's purpose; when I want to work on or prepare for an activity (project/task/event). I also have my faithful alarms to get me up just in case (#not-so-faithful-at-times).


Black White Simple is live and officially launched – as lead developer, how does it feel?

When I used to watch cartoons as a kid, I saw a celebratory moment marked by hats and underwear thrown up in the air punctuated by simultaneous adulation. "Yiiiiihaaaaa!!! " was the exclamation I believe. Felt excited to see the project go live after all the work that had gone into it. I think lead developers should be to their projects what loving parents are to their children. My baby had just graduated into a new age and as lead developer I felt like a proud parent. Of course, there's more nurturing to do but for now, "Yiiiiihaaaaa!!!".

A developer is to a project as a parent is to a child

The wisest words you've heard?

 “If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.” ― Steve Jobs

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for" ― Anonymous


What will you brag to your children about?

Like my dad did, I'll probably tell them how smart I was when I was "their age". Might also brag to them about how I grew up in different cities and used to move school/city at the end of every term at some point in my junior school years.


PS Evans hands-down holds the Asilia trophy for 'Most Stylish' (more proof)

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