An Interview with Kathryn
An Interview with Kathryn

Tell us a bit about your job at Asilia

'Job' seems too serious a term for what I do; I enjoy it way too much to be titled as such. I work with wonderful people who surprise me every day with their ingeniousness, industriousness and creative natures. I'm challenged daily by the variety of projects we work on with a range of clients which spans from artists to charities and government organisations. Luckily for me, Lulu and Andrew have kept the team small and nimble, which means that I get to work on most aspects of a project. I find it all very exciting – from initial research and coming up with exciting directions for the brief, right through to designing and finally checking that every single last detail is right – before finalising each bit of an identity, piece of collateral, website or app that the team creates. You can probably tell that, more often than not, I need a helping hand to reign myself back in.

Walk me through a typical week/day/hour in your life

I'm afraid to say that I take everything a little bit too far. I always want "it" to be designed a little bit better; a bit cleaner; a bit more organised; more toned. I must say my partner's family have it down to a fine art now. They each have a part in the plan or know a trick to distract me momentarily and then drag me away from scrubbing dishes, tidying, planning, shopping or working out. They're the best at getting me to sit down and enjoy some down time watching a film with them all, or enjoying a home cooked feast together. I should probably take note and try to make it a new year's resolution and endeavour to learn to let go a bit more. On the other hand, I think it's also what makes me good at what I do. So on we go with the internal struggle, for now anyway? ;-)


What would you be if not a designer?

Professional figure skater. When we were kids, my mum took my sister and I training for figure skating every day before school – an hour of ballet followed by an hour on the ice. I dreamt only of making it to the championships. 

Failing that, I think my love for food is so great that I would like to work for a company like Lonely Planet, as a food critic, and travel the world tasting food from all kinds of places and cultures. The search for amazing cuisine is always my top priority for all vacations. The activities and exploring that we plan around meal times, save me from turning into an elephant.

It's Christmas season, and this means gifts and presents, whats on your wishlist this december?

I really struggle with being asked this in the lead up to Christmas. I can't think of anything, but then two days before Christmas when you finally get a minute to think it hits you. A mouse pad! I still haven't got round to getting one for my desk at work. Please please please Santa. Oooh, and I'm still on the hunt to buy a flat with my partner. I would love to find a place and not get gesumped at the last minute by someone else with more money. 


How's your year been? Good? Bad? Why?

AAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! I work at Asilia and live with wonderful people. I have been to parts of France, Italy and Morrocco on my holidays. My partner's parents have taught me how to do up a flat from scratch and, my partner spoils me rotten each and every single day. I'm also getting to spend a long Christmas break with my family back in Otley. 

Of course we all have new year's resolutions, tell us one you have? And one you have accomplished?

So every year I am supposed to stop biting my nails, which I have so far never succeeded at. I am gnawing on my hands right now, even whilst doing this interview. Although, the number of Polly Pocket toys I was rewarded with as a child for stopping seems to show otherwise.


What is the one thing you would like everyone to know about you?

Now this really made me stop and think. Only one thing. Hmmm… I like to eat… a lot. I think about food all the time. Although, the one thing that would probably be more useful to know if you are meeting me for the first time is that, I'm really not good in social situations and I'm not a touchy-feely kind of person. So when I introduce myself, I never know what to do. It doesn't come naturally to me to go and give someone a hug. Shaking someone's hand when you are a woman seems to be a bit of an odd thing to do. I end up just standing there trying to work out what to do which leaves me tongue-tied and awkward. I am not intentionally being rude, I am just having a social meltdown so, please don't take it personally! I actually have this same dilemma with friends I've known for years and years now. It doesn't seem to get any better with time.


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