Asilia Christmas cards
Asilia Christmas cards

We've been extremely busy here at Asilia trying to get client work wrapped up for the end of the year. It's a wonder that we managed to squeeze in screenprinting our very own Christmas cards with the help of Lusungu's screenprinting skills and resources, Creativity And Noise - his pride and passion bar Asilia (and Man United). I had the pleasure of visiting the CAN studio for a fantastic 2 day workshop where I got to experience the process all the way through from design concept to heaps of lovely final products.  

Cutting the stencils out ready for printing. 
We stuck to our Kenya vs UK comparison theme, this time showcasing traditional Christmas dinners. I'm afraid we haven't accommodated the vegetarian Christmas in either country... yet!

Apply ink and print! 
Printing all of the cards with the animal stencil in black ink.

This took a bit of practice, but I was soon printing all by myself while we bounced to some really cheesy music.

The first layer.
While the prints dried off, we coated the screens with emulsion and left them to dry overnight, ready to expose and print the next day.

Preparing to expose the screens. 
We printed out black and white images of the illustrated background and the text for the inside of the cards. Then we exposed the screen to light with the image between the screen and the light source.

Washing the screens out and letting them dry.
After the screen is exposed, you rinse it with water to wash away the emulsion that wasn't exposed to light - all the areas "blocked out" by the black ink on the print out, fall out creating open areas that your ink will seep through when you print.  

After attaching the screen to the printing press, we aligned and set up registration marks and transparencies ready to print the text. 

We used the same technique to print the pattern around the first layer.

That's me screenprinting the pattern in various Asilia colours.

And Lusungu printing the message.

The finished cards.
I was completely knackered at the end of it all, but it was a weekend very well spent. Between us, we produced 175 cards each with a 2 colour print front and a Christmas message from Team Asilia on the inside.

Check out more of Creativity And Noise's work here in the CAN shop. Lusungu is also available for live demonstrations, workshops and learn to print your own t-shirt and tote bag events.


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