An Interview with Cliff
An Interview with Cliff

1. What is your spirit animal and why?

At first I was going to say the lion, but then I took a quick animal spirit quiz and I found out my spirit is a butterfly. Two very different extremes. But I read the symbolism and quite frankly, I like being a butterfly (ask Mohammed Ali). I think I can identify with many of the characteristics I found.

Just to share what I found out about what having a butterfly spirit means:

  • Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life, personality
  • Moving through different life cycles
  • Renewal, rebirth
  • Lightness of being, playfulness
  • Elevation from earthly matters, tuning into emotional or spiritual
  • The world of the soul, the psyche
  • A secondary meaning of the butterfly is about finding joy in life and lightness of being.

2. What is the last word that you erased? (I know there was at least one in the last answer)

I'm good with words, so sorry to disappoint you K…. Ok, I erased fount (found) 


3. What are your other interests outside of Asilia?

- Sports: I am a tennis player, the undisputed mini golf champion and most importantly an Arsenal supporter. 

- I love everything to do with history: the architecture, art, the people so I read a lot of history books. For example did you know that the richest man who ever lived is African? Or, the first ever computer programmer was a woman? Ok, enough of the gloating.

- Last but not least, I am an outgoing and social person, so I do enjoy hikes and traveling. Plus I volunteer with my friends during the weekends or when I am free. I am a registered Kenya Red Cross volunteer, which usually involves helping out with projects such as clean-ups in the slums. When I am not with Red Cross I help at a children's home, New Life Home Trust (

4. If you could go back in time, who in history would you like to be, or thank? 

I would thank my great great great great grandfather for meeting my great great great great grandmother, because without them I wouldn't be here. 


5. As the last born of 3 children, how do you fit in or stand out in your family? 

First, I was born 10 years after the second born, so that is already a super stand out moment; thanks mum and dad. I also found out they ALL support Manchester United, our arch rivals. Oh, the heartbreak! 

But then again, I still fit in and I thank my brother and sister for tolerating me (and my Home Alone inspired traps laid out for them) for all those years and making me fit in to the system. I think I am the person I am today because of their great influence in my life. 



6. What was the last road trip you went on?

I went to Arusha, Tanzania in October 2013 with the whole extended family. I loved how I had more zeros on the cash I had. 


7. What is the scariest situation that you’ve ever put yourself in?

My first time on a roller coaster. I did not enjoy the ride for a single moment, and even having watched as many horror movies as I have didn't make it any easier. 

I still enjoy trying out new, fairly daredevil stuff though because, you know... Butterflies have psyche!


8. Why are we here?

To eat. hehe.

Honestly though, I am a religious person so I would say we are here to fulfil that which God has put in our hearts, as well as being our brothers keepers. We live in challenging times and we need to have each other's backs.  

9. As a curator of Afriapps, can you briefly tell us about it.

Afriapps is a platform started by Andrew Mugoya that showcases digital Africa and the great digital products from Africa. The website features Apps by Africans; resources; articles about the great stuff happening in Africa and job openings.  

Being a part of Afriapps has helped me appreciate local talent and skills more because there is an immense talent pool in Africa. I am glad to be part of the movement that shows the world what this great continent can do.


10. Tell us something that you have learnt during the past 10 years?

Finally!!! an easy question.

I have learnt that family is important. They play a big role in one's life and I thank my parents and siblings for the love and support they have shown throughout mine. I don't take anything for granted and I thank God for my life.

Another thing I have learnt is to invest in friendships. I think surrounding yourself with people who see potential in you; help you progress in life; respect you and; are there to correct you will get you very far. Building lasting relationships is what Cliff is about, especially one very special relationship ;)

Another, is that I have gained confidence in myself especially in the work environment. Working at Asilia has presented me with a number of great challenges that require me to get out of my, formerly, shy comfort zone. No one is left in the background, so interacting with diverse and international clients has definitely moulded me further and I see good things in the future. 

Finally, I have learnt to be patient with the football team I support. They know themselves and I hope this year they will make me proud.

PS: I am still accepting birthday gifts.


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