Starting out in business or simply trying to get serious as an entrepreneur? Anza, a customisable checklist for startups and entrepreneurs, will help you cover all the bases and angles – from tasks you need to complete to areas you need to think about.

Anza lets you complete and edit existing categories/tasks as well as add personal notes, new categories and new tasks. Manage and keep track of the actions that will take you from idea to fully-fledged business. 

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Lovely app. Keeps the user in check with his/her project, ensuring all necessary stages are completed. LOVE it already

— User, June 2012


Great checklist app if you're starting up and still getting on your feet. Things I hadn't even started thinking about so I feel that little bit more prepared to delve into business.

— User, June 2012


Anza has helped organise me and kept me focused. Thank you asilia!

— User, July 2012